1. Install company goals in employee’s mindset
  2. Focus on transformation (long term), not just motivation (short term)
  3. Install wellness + remove sickness = High Productivity
  4. Unleash Creativity & Inner potential for 10x growth
  5. Create ownership & responsibility among employees.


  1. Get your Company/ Brand featured in a corporate excellence section of Upcoming book “10 Secrets of Healthy Business” by Dr. Ravi Vairagade. (Offer open till slots last)
  1. Get branded as “A Company who Cares” with a special corporate performance certificate.


Corporates drive global growth. But they are often blocked by some crucial corporate challenges which can kill productivity and hence hamper corporate growth. It is said that “Prevention is better than Cure”… let it be a health problems or any other corporate productivity issues. Experts agree that mental ill health & stress kills productivity as well as person in many different ways. Once any problem sets in, they are mostly related to mind and behaviour issues, be it in health or business growth. We take unique projects to help companies reinvent their magic culture.

As a responsible company in corporate healthcare, we propose to organize a series of health, mind and productivity transformation (not just educational) programs for the employees of your esteemed organization. Objective is to empower & transform them to increase productivity, remain healthy and contribute to the organization’s goals effectively.

We can do awareness Seminars and Practical Transformation Workshops on Topics :-

  1. a) Stress Management
  2. b) Business Development
  3. c) Productivity Multiplier

Our speaker, Dr. Ravi Vairagade, is an author, mind and behaviour expert, medical doctor and is specialist in changing mindsets and transforming mental states. You will surely agree that it’s all in mind, whether it is about top ranks or any employee.

Our speaker has the specializations in transforming mental states to happy, highly productive and success-oriented mindset. We do not intent to just take a motivation lecture, as motivations do not last long. We believe in real change and transformation, which is more long lasting and more often permanent.

We will like to benefit your company/organization with this most recent advancement in human technology which can shift your productivity and employee satisfaction to new levels. This will surely improve profitability. It will also help company’s brand image to shine further with a prestigious and generous tag of “A Corporate Who Cares”.

Looking forward to change and transform your company to a differently healthy, caring, productive and profitable organization.

Watch video of Corporate Problems and their Solutions


1. BACR (Business Accelerator Corporate Retreat) :

– A 4 Days Residential Corporate Retreat

– This is powerful transformation program for high end results. This high impact intense program involves installing excellence, unleashing creativity & unlocking inner genius. Ideal for top ranks, MD & CEOs, those directly responsible for company growth.

2. Business Multiplier Workshop (BMW)

– A power packed, 10 full day sessions over 1 year period. This is designed to install healthy & highly productive mindsets in employees, all cadres.

This aims to empower your team with happy, healthy, highly productive and company oriented mindsets. Happy & highly inspired top ranks are the need of any ambitious and growth oriented organization.

3. Mental Health & Wellness Workshop (MHWW)

– 10 full day sessions spaced over 1 year.

– Mental states and physical health are the most costly & detrimental issues for any company. It can lead to bad employee behavior, addictions, depression, diseases and death. Increasing suicides is one more dangerous threat. This, in turn, costs productivity and hugely increases company costs in visible & invisible ways.

– We fix these issues, one by one, by intense practical fun sessions, so that employees feels happy, energized and inspired but unknowingly they achieve an inner shift towards our target objectives.



1. Why Corporate Retreats are Important?

Corporate Retreats can help unify employees by giving them an opportunity to connect with their co-workers. Often employees know each other superficially but providing them with an offsite experience, away from work, allows for employees to bond and build a lasting relationship

2. What are the Benefits of the Corporate Retreat?

  • Help strengthen an employee’s relationship with their company
  • Gets an opportunity to set new and common company goals, initiate valuable training, and facilitate better communication between employees.
  • They will be used to foster closeness among employees and teach them about the company’s objectives.
  • Enable us to deal with the new challenges that arise over time and celebrate successes.
  • They head back to the office with renewed energy and vigor which transforms into happier and more productive employees.
  • Employees will bond in a relaxed environment with open communication
  • This is the prime time to start forming fresh input and ideas on new company goals.

3. What are the key Takeaways from Corporate Retreat?

  • You will be able to create your own success blueprints.
  • Learn highly efficient tools in human technology to stay motivated.
  • Attain higher level of performance by achieving the higher level mindset.
  • Brain storming in a success installation atmosphere will transform you to a different person.
  • Environment is always more powerful than individual. Get break your limitations & achieve a new milestone in short span of time.
  • You will be well equipped to perform well as well as to guide others to better level of performance.
  • Improve your performance with less stress & better mental health.
  • Learn how to perform better & achieve work life balance for healthy, happy & successful life.