To create global health revolution with passionate focus on prevention, reversal and cure of disease so that people live longer, healthier lives.


Our core purpose is to build healthier and happy lives by providing gene-mind centred disease reversal programs. We inspire hope & cure with our personalized 360° health & life enhancement treatment protocols.


Advanced Health is a value driven and outcome focused healthcare fuelled by roots of honesty, integrity, high quality, commitment, empowering, healing with experiential healthcare.

World is in health crisis. All modern diseases labelled incurable and more and more people suffering from incurable illness, disease complications and medicine side effects inspite of all the development of modern healthcare technologies. This is the foundation for Advanced Health – the only healthcare brand focused on reversing and cure of diseases with beyond conventional medicine methods.

Yes, our root lies in homoeopathy, only science capable of removing diseases from the root cause, only if applied properly according to its principles. Unfortunately homoeopathy is the most underutilised, misused and neglected science in the realm of modern incurable diseases. The focus being shifted to glittering discoveries of new machines, new medicines, new diagnostic tools and surgical techniques. But all this was to find more diseases and control them completely ignoring the idea of reversal and cure of diseases.

Guided by ethics and fuelled by values, ADVANCED HEALTH had a humble local beginning with a huge global vision of health transformation. It was in the year 1996 when the first healthcare centre was started in the city at the heart of India, Nagpur. Never ever  it was realised that this zero mile city of India is a perfect place to create ripples in Indian and global healthcare. Journey started with the core aim of delivering the most ideal healthcare to every citizen of India. It flourished under the able expertise and meticulous professional guidance of true follower of Homoeopathy, Dr. Ravi Vairagade. It was nurtured with blood and sweat of high standards, morals and ideal principles in healthcare. The focus was to create an ideal centre to get the most ethical and highest standard healthcare.

This constant hunger to deliver the highest quality healthcare of global standards led to so many upgradation. From a small basic hospital to a full fledged hospital with operation theatre and mini ICCU was developed under dedicated leadership and modern medical skills of Dr. Minal Vairagade, better half of Dr. Ravi Vairagade. Being an ethically driven MBBS graduate, consulting family physician and specialised in Diabetes, Thyroid and women’s healthcare, she added a lot of most advanced modern scientific depth. Advanced Health reached an unbelievable completeness having the highly advanced level of Genetic based Homoeopathy, Best ethically driven allopathic treatment and a fully equipped  hospital. It completely Redefined Ideal Healthcare to the benefit of patient with a completely patients centred ideal healthcare.

Family Multispeciality Hospital, with a well equipped necessary amenities, allowed us to step into the area of critical diseases. Our Hospital proudly enjoy’s the expert consulting service of the best of specialist and super specialist consultants, surgeons and gynaecologist of central India. 

Right from the beginning the focus of ADVANCED HEALTH was to test the limits of Scientific Homoeopathy for challenging diseases. Those which are given up by all others and/or labelled incurable by all. Having a Hospital allowed us to work more deeper into the world of Critical Cases. It was a journey full of risk and thrill, a war between intellect and emotions, panic and composure, uncertainty and possibility and life and death. The results were more than encouraging. Seemingly incurable and critical diseases responded very well to the best of both worlds. This many times surprised the patients as well as ourselves, as responses were unbelievable many of the times.

Providing Best super Specialized Healthcare was the motto which is clearly obvious from the continuous Research and Development happened at Advanced Health. Scientific innovations and addition of World’s Best Healing Skills and methods was a passionately driven habit.

To this was added the ultimate experiential treatment at our exotic “PANACEA HEALTH RETREAT” in the deeps of nature. These 5 days Health Retreat is for delivering Healthcare Transformation in the most rapid, transforming and result oriented especially for those who want to make a rapid shift in deteriorating Healthcare. Welcome to most Rejuvenating, Revitalising, Transformative and Elite celebrity Healthcare artfully crafted for your amazing Health Transformation. These 5 days will completely redefine your health and life as a whole with its unique experiential practical transformative learnings.

This was well accepted in all major cities and results improved beyond expectations. The journey began to spread its wings to Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Surat, Agra and so on. 

Encouraged with the excellent responses and results, it was finally decided to be taken beyond all boundaries. Then came the concept of launching 100 franchisees and scaling it out of India.

The ambitious plan of scaling this concept of genetics based and cause driven healthcare was propelled by energy of desire to create a Global Health Transformation. The obvious questions asked were…

1) Why not the modern psychosomatic diseases are treated in a psychosomatic way?

2) Why root cause is never considered while treating any disease?

3) Why don’t the world deserve a better root cause driven healthcare?

The answer were obvious that the world deserve a better Healthcare. Hence the journey which started with the sole aim of Global Health Transformations was ready to be launched at a bigger stage. We have projected Franchisees across India and also gearing up for first cross border launch of Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, USA, UK centre.

This journey of Global Health Transformation starting from heart of India is a truly patriotic contribution to Nation and an amazing fulfilling task. Special thanks to you for joining this global journey of most necessary Health Revolution. World needs this to save them from hazards of commercialisation of Healthcare. Thanks again for selecting and promoting a humanitarian root cause treatment for yourself and your loved ones precious life. World needs your contribution for this noble cause. We appreciate your genuine step to contribute to Global Healthcare Revolution.

Be Happy.

Be Healthy.

Be Deserving.

Commited to create a better health and life for you.




Breaking down our unique treatment model into effectiveness paradigm. Lots of people ask us that what is most effective among all the treatment methods you follow. The best answer is that its all beautifully interwoven fabric into each other so well that it is actually inseparable.

  • Safe & effective Genetic targeted medicines.
  • Genetic Reprogramming powered by Epigenetics.
  • Mind Reprogramming by Neuroplasticity.
  • Nurigenomics is rapidly upcoming specific dietetics.
  • Lifestyle redesigning is mandatory need.
  • Health Retreats is a best immersive healing experience.
  • All these together are far more effective in your health transformation by reversing diseases, reducing medicines and creating a healthy, happy & successful life.

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