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In 27 years of Clinical experience of treating Genetic, Chronic, Incurable, Critical & Hopeless diseases it was found that very few doctors try to cure the patients, all just try to control and relieve the symptoms. Among those who try to cure only give medicines. Either will not work because every patient has a different need. Hence at “ADVANCED HEALTH CARE” we elevated the healthcare to new global heights. We treat by Genetics based Medicines + Mind Management + Lifestyle Modifications + Mental reprogramming + Health Retreat + DETOX + Personalized Diet planning + Psychotherapy and Counseling whenever needed (very important as majority modern diseases are Psycho-Somatic). This amazing combination proved to be the globally best HOLISTIC TREATMENT-RETREAT PACKAGE leading to more than Amazing Results. We wish all should once get this REAL, GENUINE, Completely Scientific and Modern Treatment rather than just controlling and relief of symptoms lifelong, then suffering disease.

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Premium Solutions by Advanced Health

Gene DNA Profiling Test

Do you want to know hidden genetic tendencies for healthy & long life?

Genetic Healthcare Consultation

This one is focused consultation which will clear all your doubts.

Ideal Healthcare Elite

Are you looking for the most ultimate solution for your troublesome disease?

ICHE Standard

Are you fed up of taking so many medicines with no benefits and so many side effects?

Insta Health Magic 5 Days Residential Program

Do you want to experience how just 5 days can change whole life?

Personal premium Genetic Health Coaching

Do you always want best in everything for you?

Advanced Genetic

Instant health transformation and life change is the biggest boost to improving quality of life.

Cancer True Care

Are you looking for some convincing answer for cancer?


5 Days Insta Healing Residential Retreat

Do you want to experience how just 5 days can change your whole life?
Insta Health Magic 5 days residential program can be absolutely magical days of your life where intensive mind-gene reprogramming transforms your health completely to an unimaginable extent and that too instantly.
Amazing. Isn’t it?
Just Experience it once. It will surely be the best gift for you.
Many people prefer this plan for the specific purpose of visiting our center, staying close with our expert team and Dr. Ravi Vairagade Sir (Advanced Genetic Health Expert) himself for 5 days and getting live proof, and enjoying the blissful benefits of 5 days of the magical health transformation program.
It includes accommodation, food along with Mind-Body-Soul Rejuvenation. Gift yourself the world-class unimaginable experience and transform your health & life instantly.
USP: – Almost everyone who follows all steps is guaranteed a fantastic transformation within 5 days. Many even get it on the first day.

Happy Participants of Residential Retreat Program

Google Reviews from our Patients and Participants

Takshu Deshpande
Takshu Deshpande
Good health Care plan’s
Narsing Lale
Narsing Lale
I came in advanced health and hospital 3 months back and I loved this place. The ambiance and all the activities with Ravi vairagade sir was very good experience. I would recommend it to everyone whosoever is suffering from any kind of problem.
Ashwani Srivastav
Ashwani Srivastav
Advanced Health is a awesome place. My experience was really good with all the activities, staff and Ravi vairagade sir. if you have any problems in life then its the only place to come.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar
Advanced health is only who provide the root caused treatment and give best results to cure your incurable disease.
Rocking Ghost
Rocking Ghost
Avinash Rathod
Avinash Rathod
Its really an awesome experience here. They have the best team of doctors here. Its really a healing centre.
Vinay Mall
Vinay Mall
जब से मै बीमार हुआ था मैअपने जीवन से बहुत निराश हो गया था उसके बाद डा 0 रवा सर का यू टयूब पर विडियो देखा तब कुछ आशा की किरण जागी इसके बाद मैने डा0 रवि सर से सम्पर्क किया और यहां नागपुर में पांच दिन का शेसन ज्वाइन किया आज मुझे एेसा लग रहा है कि मुझे नया जीवन मिल गया आज मै बहुत खुश हूँ
Whosoever having any issues regarding their health either regarding any healing any disease they must have to come ” Advanced Health”
One of the best doctors I have ever met. They have the best team and can cure anything and everything.
Akhil Joshi
Akhil Joshi
Very much awesome experience feels refreshing while attending sessions..also the staff and doctors are so much co operative and so much concerned about our health

Video Testimonials


A True Words from our Warriors (Success Stories)

If you fed up with your unbearable pain, Chronic diseases or any health issue, so this is the place. take your eyes off and give yourself to the Dr. Ravi Vairagade he is the man who give the result which you are seeking for.

Mr. Rishi Rapooji
Mr. Rishi Rapoojee

A case of a small baby of 16 months on 14 doses of medicines –Another case of a small baby of 16 months on 14 doses of medicines, suffering from brain disease and uncontrolled convulsions. He was brought when he was almost on verge of death, only eyeballs moving rest all body still and vegetative. Finally they decided to go for advanced genetics based treatment and now the dying baby is completely normal with only one or two medicines for convulsions.

Case of a small baby

How 56 years old lady defeat “semi-comatose with septicemia high grade fever” with Advanced Health. A 56yrs lady with Liver failure was brought in critical state, semi-comatose with septicemia high grade fever. Doctors advised Liver Transplant as an only option to save her life. Expenses 50 lakhs with risk of death during surgery due to septic state and high grade fever. Finally they decided to take internationally standardized genetic based treatment from Advanced Health. Then miracle happened. Now she is living healthy life with her own liver restored to normal liver and all reports perfectly normal and all this without any surgery, transplant or allopathic medicine.

Semi-comatose with septicemia high grade fever

Elderly Lady, diagnosed as Liver failure, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Bilateral pneumonia with septicaemia, high grade fever, was advised Liver Transplant as the only solution by Asia’s most prestigious medical centre. Life & surgery, both were at risk due to septicaemia & high grade fever. Hopelessly they opted to take our treatment. After treatment, she started recovering within 1 day. Now she is completely normal with normal blood & ultrasonography reports.


CANCER PANCREAS- LADY of 35 years ,taken to prestigious hospital in pune, diagnosed as a hopeless case of ca pancreas inoperable, surgery attempted but had to be closed without operation, patient shifted to ICCU, SHOCK, Revived with difficulty,SHIFTED TO OUR HOSPITAL, immediate recover, but got BURST ABDOMEN AFTER few days of surgery, Diagnosis- INTESTINAL PERFORATION, INOPERABLE, but recovery still continued with good results,patient started walking, recovering well, WE PLANNED DISCHARGE but lost patient after giving her 35 near normal days of good quality life with family & little kids.


Our Inspiration, Founder Director

Dr. Ravi Wairagade

Advanced Genetic Health Transformation Expert

Dr. Ravi Wairagade is an Internationally acknowledged and acclaimed medical Professional who is proponent of the unique process of reversal and cure of diseases by working on genetic, mental and root cause level.

Dr. Ravi Vairagade is, in essence, a Social Entrepreneur in the world of the medical profession, devoted and dedicated for the Noble cause of lovingly helping to change the lives of his patients by way of right health care, especially for those with incurable, genetic, critical and tough illness. All his Noble efforts are guided by the moral principle: “ If you serve right things, you automatically deserve the right to earn.”

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Our Expert Team

Our team of Doctors, Experts and Counsellors came from diverse backgrounds which helps in more productivity and quicker diagnosis. The range of experience, expertise allows us to handle the new cases in a very efficient manner.

Dr. Akash Maghade

Dr. Deepali Vaidya

Dr. Rohit Khobragade

Dr. Shubham Urkude

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